Finding Freedom Friday: 2009 Goal Update

by GettingFreedom on May 1, 2009

Goodbye April. I think I may miss you, sorta. Not a huge fan of all the rain and all that jazz, but all in all you were pretty good to me.

It’s time for another update on my 2009 Goals. Again, if you haven’t made goals yet, it’s never too late. I encourage you to set a couple for yourself and be sure to come back and share with us. Consistently looking at my list has definitely kept me on track this year, and I’m loving it. Just because I’ve been staying on track, though, doesn’t me that I’ve been necessarilly succeeding in all areas.

As will everything in this Earthly life, nothing is for certain. I set out with big intentions for 2009, and I hope to make it my best year yet. Frankly, that is all that I can do.

With that being said, I’ve encountered some bumps in my plan, mostly in terms of my financial goals. I do not like bumps, generally, but I’m taking these bumps as they come. Thank God for that. Goes to show that all the prayers I’ve put in for help with my patience and my issues with perfectionism and control have not gone unanswered. I must continue to remind myself that although I’ve set these goals, everything happens in God’s time–not my own.

Let’s take a look back at April:

  • Financially:
    • We were able to pay extra onto our debt this month, which I am ever so grateful for. $250 extra to be exact!! This brings our total debt down to just over $16000, with $3592 being paid this year alone. Wow, oh Wow! This puts us right at 21% of my goal for this year.
    • I do not have an exact total for my grocery spending, but I do know that I did not go over my $300 mark. Yippee! I’ve been buying tons of fresh fruit and veggies and am at the point of making all of our bread products. What a great feeling this is!
    • With our busy season approaching, I do feel as if we are being too careless in some areas of our spending, in addition to some unexpected costs that we have encountered with the garden and some outside projects. I hoping that we can gain our control back now, before we are knee deep in busy-ness, because then it will be too hard. If you are in the same boat–be sure to check out the upcoming FFF topics. I can’t wait to see what you all have to offer!

  • Home/Gardening:
    • First and Foremost (since this could knock out a lot of my goals)–Willie and I have some major, major decisions to make in the next few months. When we moved here, I was not the biggest fan of our home. The main reason we bought it was because the 50 acres that it sat on was absolutely beautiful and the house had lots of potential. We knew we would have to build on, and we were okay with that. After starting FPU and reading through The Total Money Makeover, we knew that it was essential for us to get rid of our consumer debt before we went any further with our addition. Knowing this has really helped feed the fire under me to get our debt gone! But…..with the current state of the economy and the interest rates being so low, we would be able to build onto our home (almost doubling it) without increasing our monthly payment. That is huge!! We had originally planned on our payment jumping quite a bit. So, our big issue is do we wait and risk the interest rates jumping back up, or do we go ahead and jump in and get it over with now? I’ve been praying…..
    • The garden is doing amazing! I hope to do an update post later today with all the happenings.
    • I have actually stuck to my day to day duties for awhile now. What a relief this has been to actually be on top of things instead of feeling behind and out of whack everyday. Just in time for summer..!!
  • Personal Goals:
    • I have yet to buy a scale, but I know that I’ve lost weight. Which is huge to me. I’m thinking of cashing in some of my Swagbucks to get Jillian’s 30 Day Shred video. I know a handful of people that just rage and rage about it, (A Cowboy’s Wife and MommySnacks to name a few) and I’m wanting to amp things up a bit.

So, how are you doing on your 2009 Goals? If you haven’t made your goals yet–hop in now and let us know what you are striving for.

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