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by GettingFreedom on February 3, 2009

It’s February which means it is time to do my financial check up from the month of January. I don’t know what it is, but the months just seem to disappear, where are they going?

January was a great month for us! I am absolutely astounded at what we were able to accomplish. I do not know how we were able to do these things, I just know that God has truly blessed us!

I set a lot of goals for 2009, that included more than just our finances. I will include an update on the rest of my goals later this week.

Here are the financial goals that we set for 2009:

  • A total of $4000 (including EF) in savings for health expenses, and vehicle/home maintence. Currently, we just have shortly over our $1000 emergeny fund (EF), but we hope to be able to finish this with our income taxes.

  • Bump up our contribution to our Christmas Club account. As of 2/16, this was accomplished! This will be such a relief when the end of the year comes.
  • Pay $17500 towards our debt. I know we can do this, but it sounded overwhelming to my husband, so I put it in perspective of a monthly payment to him. We had a lot of makeup to do from our December fiasco, so my “mini goal” for January’s debt payment was $1050. I am overjoyed to say that we were able to pay $1315.57! This leaves us with just one debt payment (we have successfully paid off our lawn mower purchase) which is a GREAT feeling. This puts us ahead for February. My February “mini goal” is $1150, so I now only need to accomplish $884.43 to remain on track. A great feeling it is to come into this month ahead!
  • Continue Couponing. I am, but I’m not. I’ve definitely slowed down a lot, but that is because my stockpile is already pretty big. And, there really hasn’t been all that great of deals around for me to put all the effort into it.

To see how others are doing for their Financial Goals, visit Money Saving Mom.

How are you doing on your Financial Goals?

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