Financial Update 2008

by GettingFreedom on November 13, 2008

As a whole, 2008 has been a great year for us. We tightened our spending belts, tightly, and God has filled us full of wisdom! (You can see some of our month to month check-ups here)

My husband and I never really wrote out our goals for 2008, but we knew basically what we wanted. Now that alot of our headaches are out of the way, though, I plan to have a set list of 2009 goals by Mid-Decmeber.

I know that, atleast for us, if we have a plan..on paper, of what we want to achieve, we will be more likely to push ourselves to attain it. I’m constantly plugging numbers here and there, this way and that, so I know what we need to do to get whatever our goal may be.

Goals are important. Period.

With all that being said….our round about plan for 2008 was:

  • To get our $1000 Emergency Fund in place. DONE
  • Pay off all credit card debt…and NEVER EVER use them again. DONE
  • Stick to our monthly cash flow plan DONE
  • Slash grocery budget to $250/mo (I was really wanting to have this done by December’s budget…and I just don’t think it’s gonna happen)
  • Grow our snowball We’ve chunked it up a bit by paying off debt…but we’ve really not went out of our way to earn extra money so that we could slash the debt faster. I was really hoping to have a yard sale this summer…but I never did. As well as taking some of our things to consignment shops, or Ebay. We’ll definitely need to work on this! My house is in dire need of a de-clutter, too!
  • and continue to roll it! DOING IT!

The whole budget/money accountability thing was all new to us this year, so I think we did great all in all! I’m hoping that next year will be even better (God willing…we should be debt free this time next year!) and we have some hefty goals in mind to be able to attain that. I like to see how far we can push oursleves. You never know what you can do until you set your mind to it! :)

Next month I will post our 2009 goals.

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