February Goal Check In

by GettingFreedom on February 29, 2012

March is definitely trying to come in like a lion!  Our area experienced a lot of storms through the night last night.  Thankfully, we got off easy–but Branson, my hometown, and another small communtiy didn’t fair so well.  If you think of it, pray for those affected.

February Goal Check-In

Back in January I outlined our major goals for 2012.  So far I think we’ve done a great job at focusing our our word for the year:: Regroup.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve really felt like I’m getting the old me back.  The one before all the chaos and stress.  I’m mellowing back out, and have begun to be able to focus on everything else around me, instead of just surviving on a day to day basis.  What a great feeling it is!

Spiritual Goals

I’m sure that part of this is because I’ve really tried to be more intentional with my life and to actually listen to Him when he’s nudging me.  I’ve taken on a few additional projects, and seriously thinking {and praying for guidance!}  of jumping into another one because of it.

Relationship Goals

We’ve experienced a few rough patches with our oldest’s behavior.  I’m really uncertain as to exactly what the issue is, but we’re hoping that we can get it figured out soon.  I attribute a lot of it to the fact that he’s in the tween stage.  My patience and understanding does seem to be improving.  Again, I think it’s in direct relation our life settling in, and answers to many prayers!


Financial Goals

I will be sharing more about our financial goals and progress as we embark in the Finding Freedom Boot Camp. {Check back tomorrow when it officially starts and we begin to dig into the nitty gritty!}  Currently we have stayed on top of our Monthly Cash Flow Sheets.  That, in and of itself, has really helped us to regain our control over our finances.

Home Goals

We’ve been very busy tying up the loose ends of Project MAD.  It was amazing to us how quickly these projects were finished, and annoying to us that we waited so long to tackle them!  In a matter of just a few short days we completed our kitchen backsplash, repainted our laundry room, redid our laundry room cabinet and added in a tile backsplash,  finished installing baseboard, installed our Master Bedroom Closet, as well as few other things.

Now that my Home Management Binder is finished, I’ve noticed that I am becoming more and more efficient in my day-to-day tasks.  But that’s not to say that there isn’t significant room for more improvement. ;)

Gardening/Food Storage/Cooking

I got my seedlings started, although not as early as I had intended.  We’ve begun to prepare our garden already, and our first round of lettuce is planted in the ground.  I simply cannot wait until we can begin to harvest!

How are your goals coming along for 2012?

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