February Decluttering

by GettingFreedom on March 3, 2010

I kicked into high decluttering gear for the month of February!  While I still fell a bit short of the average of 2 items per day, I’m still overjoyed at what I did get rid of.  This month I am hoping to continue to tackle the children’s rooms, which seem to be a breeding ground for clutter, and outgrown clothes.
I have some other things I came across that need to be donated, but haven’t left my home as of yet, so they aren’t counted in this list.  Here is what did leave the house:
  • Baby Doll Bed that my daughter never plays with anymore
  • Polly Pocket Set/Polly World {This in and of itself was more than likely 700 pieces, but we’ll count as 1!}
  • Huge Set of Blocks
  • An old oven mitt that burnt my finger one too many times! {in trash}
  • 1 belt that had seen better days {in trash}
  • Random burner cover. {in trash, which is where the others ones went when I torched them, after turning on the wrong burner}
  • 2 shirts, and a skirt of Kait’s that we gave to a friend
  • 4 play pants of the boys {Far beyond any wear, in trash}
  • Grease Splatter Cover that I never used
  • 4 holey socks {in trash, my rag pile is far too large at this point}
  • Matchless Glove {in trash, which means I will more than likely find it’s mate this month!}
  • Holey Shirt {in trash}
  • a pair of DH’s Jeans {also holey and in the trash.  What’s with all the holes?!}
  • Scratched up CD of Kid’s Music {in trash}
  • Laundry Basket
  • Markers
  • Odd/End Toys {some came from eating out and other small random toys that were never played with}
  • Old Tote Bag
  • BabyDoll Stroller/Car Seat
  • Power Ranger Doll {My boys never have watched Power Rangers, but my Mom-In-Law found a big doll that Noah thought was too cool.  Thankfully the coolness wore off fast.}
  • 2 wooden shelves we no longer use
  • Diego Set
  • Travel-Along Doll w/clothes
  • 10 Big Trucks {I know boys like trucks and all, but a boy can seriously only have so many trucks}
  • Pirate Hot Wheel Toy
  • Alphabet/Spelling Toy
  • Broken Foot Stool
Please ignore the hay-lined floor.  Sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl’s got to do.  Especially a pregnant one. ;)

Total of 45 items for the month of February.  Oh does it ever feel good to get rid of it all!  Add that to my 29 items from last month for a grand total of 74 items in 2 months! 656 items to go.

Be sure to check out how everyone else is doing, over at Amy’s Decluttering Update.

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