February 2013 Goal Update

by GettingFreedom on February 8, 2013

Anyone want to tell me where in the world January went to?  So crazy that we’re already almost finished with the first full week of February!

I have to say, I’m still really excited about what 2013 holds for our family.  It’s started off very well for us, and I’m finally feeling as if I’m who I was and in the place I was, back in 2010.  And it feels soooo good.

Just to keep you updated, and me accountable, here’s an update on my new year goals:

Spiritual Goals

  • Soul Sisters had it’s first meeting, and our following meetings are scheduled and we’re planning events.  SO very excited to get this going!

Relationship Goals


  • My husband and I were able to go on a weekend retreat at the Big Cedar Lodge last weekend.  It was phenomenal and much needed!  We both realized just how important maintaining a close, strong marriage is–and aim to continue to make it more a priority.


  • The parenting front has been very challenging over the last month.  We’re really wondering what God has planned and whether we’ve made the correct decision in a couple parenting areas.  Praying that this is revealed to us soon, and we’re able to move ahead with less adversity.


Financial Goals

  • Stay on Top of the Monthly Cash Flow Sheets Doing pretty good here!  I’m a paper and pencil gal, through and through, and Willie is a spreadsheet type of guy.  To please us both I do monthly cash flow sheets and I set Mint.com up for him to see everything electronically.

Gardening/Food Storage/Cooking

  • All of my seedlings are purchased and will be planted by the end of the week.  So excited!
  • We finished up my seedling area.  I hope to post pictures next week.  It’s amazing!

Personal Goals

  • While I have yet to create a daily schedule, I have noticed that I’ve appropriated my time far more efficiently than I was before.  I think that this is partly because I’m in a better place mentally and also because I’m desperately trying to change my old habits.


How are you doing on your goals?

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