Feathering my Nest for Fall

by GettingFreedom on September 21, 2009

Are you ready for Fall? I know I am, and my house–well it’s getting there.

I’ve slowly been adding in fall bits and pieces to our decor. I think I’m going to make a new wreath this year, or atleast spruce my current one up a bit. Somehow while it was in storage, some flowers have come up missing. I’m also thinking maybe adding a some ribbon to the top.

Our outside bench greets you with freshly picked pumpkins that are patiently waiting to become pumpkin puree for future pumpkin pies. The squash bugs got most of our plants, so we were well pleased that we still made out with this harvest. The smaller ones will probably only get us the equivalent of one can of pumpkin, so all together we are looking at about 21 “cans”. Pumpkin puree is not safe for canning, so these will be frozen, but it still counts toward our already full pantry that we’ve put up so far. Food wise, I think we are ready for winter!

I call this our “Bible Bench”, which is located in our living room. All of our bibles are kept underneath it, or under the pumpkin so they are easily accessible for reading.

Our simple Fall centerpiece that contains our one and only “Sweet Dumpling” pumpkin:

Walking down the hallway you’ll see the kids’ bench has also been decorated. I got the witch and mummy decoration many years back at the Dollar Tree, after Halloween for .50/ea!

I made this witch from an old mayonaise jar (you know, back when the containers were still glass?), spanish moss, felt, and a wooden ball. I also made a pumpkin one that I haven’t gotten around to getting out, although it is my favorite, probably because it is also a candle holder.

Even the bathroom is decorated!

Over the last few weeks we have been so busy with soccer practices and church functions, that I haven’t had much time to finish packing up our summer goods and bring out our fall/winter things. I’m almost afraid to pack up all of their summer clothes, because we are still having some warm-ish days yet.

I also like to do a big declutter when fall comes along. I’m hoping to go room to room and simplify our belongings and take it all into the local thrift store. Fall is for Fresh Beginnings!

What do you do to Feather Your Nest for Fall? Come on over to Hoosier Homemade and join in on the Fall Festival!
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