A Farewell

by GettingFreedom on October 22, 2008

You have always been so great to me.

Holding my creations with such warmth.

You were a great addition to our lives.

Our time together was short….but you were thought of daily.

I know at the end I didn’t always say nice things to you.

I’m sorry for being so rough….

But, when you wouldn’t give me my dinner…I paniced…

I really didn’t mean to pull your door off….Mrs. Range.

You will be not so fondly missed.

You see, when we bought our home 4 years ago it came will all appliances including the washer and dryer. I do believe they are all older than me. But, we welcomed them all into our life, because we only had a washer and dryer. We could not afford all new, or even new to us, appliances.

Over the last 4 years they are all slowly dying. First it was the dishwasher, then the washer (we sold ours because they were old too, and these were already in place.). We went sometime and finally had to replace the refrigerator. Mrs. Range has been on her last leg for quite sometime…we were just trying to get all the use we could out of her. I literally only had 2 burners working, 1 big, 1 small. The big one, you know the one you use all the time, had to be wiggled almost every use so that it would heat up. The door took 10 people to open…but hey, it served its purpose.

Until last night!

I got busy and forgot about dinner in the oven. This happens almost every time I make something that takes longer than it does for me to do a quick clean on the kitchen. Anyway, by the time I remembered the Chicken Wontons were ready to come out. I walked over to Mrs. Range and attempted to open the door. I noticed that had I not realized I was cooking at the moment I did..the wontons would be dust. At that very moment Mrs. Range refused to open and give the wontons to me!

I paniced and jerked on Mrs. Range’s door………she didn’t like that very well. Now she refuses to close all the way.

Guess it’s time for her to move out.

btw..the wontons were awesome!

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