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by GettingFreedom on December 3, 2008

**I’ve been too busy to deal, and I am behind on posting Walgreen’s weekly deals…but I thought that I would throw this one out there. Walgreen’s has added a mid week sales ad, I guess to drum up business. Here is the low down:
It is good December 3rd through the 6th. So, today through Saturday.
Buy $25 worth of good get $5 RR (some restrictions apply). There is no wording that says the $25 has to be after coupons, and as we all now, generally with RR deals you can use coupons and still get the RR. So, this could work out to be a pretty great deal.
ETA: ** From what I hear from my friends over at Hot Coupon World, these $5 RR WILL roll onto your next $25 deal! I have yet to try it..I’m making my list for tomorrow though!**

Also, Buy $15 of the following products and get $5 RR:
Capri Sun, on sale $3
Planters, on sale $3
Coke 2-liters, on sale 4/$5
Coke 12-pks., on sale 3/$10
Evian, Fuze, Powerade, Vitamin Water, on sale 4/$4.
Go to Walgreens.com to see the full ad for additional sale items and for restrictions.
If you are new to Walgreen’s, go here.
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