by GettingFreedom on August 11, 2008

I’ve been missing again. I apologize! I HOPE to be back tomorrow. School starts this week, so both of my big kids will be gone during the day.

We had a much needed break this weekend and dealt with some things going on with my oldest son. He has been in a funk lately and his aggression and apparent depression has gotten really bad lately. I ask for your prayers that he can overcome whatever is going on and that we can get things straightened and figured out with him.

We had a very eventful weekend…but oh so much fun. I almost felt like a kid again! We went to a nearby waterpark , which I usually avoid because I hate swimsuits! But..considering the circumstances, I caved! DH even took vacation. We also went kayaking. It was my first time, ever, and I’m hooked for life. Everyone should own one. Seriously! Nicholas absolutely loved it, and he is a natural. We also hung out with the grandparents and just had a good ol’ time. What a stress reliever, and a nice send off since the kids start school this week. Hopefully Nicholas was able to regroup and refocus and we can look forward with a clean slate.

I received a blog award this past week…and since I was gone…I just found out! Yippee!
I will follow up with that tomorrow…along with MPM, and some deals.

Thanks for being patient…

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