DIY Birthday Cakes Can Save You Money

by GettingFreedom on May 17, 2010

While my family and I are relaxing on the beach in Florida, Jessica from LifeAsMom has graciously offered to share how you can make any birthday memorable, all the while keeping it frugal.

I love to celebrate my children’s birthdays with themed birthday cakes. I remember my own joy over my 5th Birthday and the Big Mac cake I received that year. So, I try to put forth a little more effort on my own kids’ special days. However, I am not about to drop $15 on a grocery store bakery cake. Especially when I know I can make one myself for less than five bucks.

You may not think that you’re a cake baker. Wilton Decorating Classes may not rank in your repertoire of enrichment experiences. That’s okay. They’re not in mine, either.

The beauty is that you don’t have to be all that creative or talented to decorate a cake that will pass muster with the Birthday Kid. Here are some tricks that I’ve used to make cakes that “wow” without paying a pretty penny or jumping too many hoops.

1. Include the birthday child. My kids range in age from 1 to 12. And with the exception of the baby, everyone of them enjoys baking, frosting, and decorating the cake. The baby would probably enjoy it, too. But, I’m not prepared to go there just yet.

2. Find some toys that match the theme. Playmobil, lego, and action figures are great cake toppers. You don’t have to have fancy edible decor. You probably didn’t eat the bride and groom from atop your wedding cake, so toys will work just great. Just wash and dry them well before using.

3. Bake a simple cake and frost. This will be your canvas for the diorama you are going to build with toys and candy. I am not afraid of boxed cake and canned frosting, especially on busy days like birthdays. However you choose to prepare your cake, keep it simple, sister.

4. Let your child embellish the cake with candies and toys. This is the fun part. Build a scene that any kid would love to play in. Candy makes it even more special. If you can pick up some chocolate rocks and pebbles, well, those just “make it.”

Cake, candy, and toys make up a child’s dream cake! And you can do this, too, even if you don’t think you can.

– Jessica Fisher, also known as FishMama, is the mother to six young children. She regularly shares parenting hacks at LifeasMOM and posts delicious ways to act your wage at Good Cheap Eats.

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