Deals…Complete with Pictures!!

by GettingFreedom on July 31, 2008

Yippee!! I’m actually getting around to post my deals..from today, nonetheless, complete with pictures!

I think I deserve a cookie. Yummo, that sounds good. Okay, back to the deals.

My oldest son had a minor breakdown/freakout in Walgreen’s while we were checking out. Which, I feel I handled well, thankfully we had a very understanding and awesome cashier. My only regret is I never did catch his name so I could pass it on to his manager. Anyway, there was a horrendous line behind us, with everyone just having one item, so I let them in front of me. Crazy coupon lady that I am, I had a buggy about half-full, with a gazillion different coupons, all I needed was to hold up the line and have a freaking out kid. Easier to have the kid freak out with not as many people to witness it. Fully convinced at this point that we can no longer handle him on our own, and we need to bring a doctor in on the matter. Someone we do not know. I’m losing focus again. Here we go:

Bubble Collection originally 3.99 on clearance Paid .99
(2) Band Aids On sale 2/2.99
(3) Skintimate Shave Cream, 7-day Q .99
(2) Dawn Simple Pleasure on final markdown for 1.99
(2) Ajax, 7-day Q 2/1.79
(2) Tuf Trash Bags BOGO 2/4.99
(2) Household gloves (never used these before, but I was just talking about trying them) 2/.99
Jane Mineral Powder $4.99
(2) Gillette Deodorant, 2/6.66
Tag Body Spray, $3.33
Olay Ribbons Body Wash, $3.33
Olay Botanical Fusion, $3.33
Infusium 23 Shampoo, $6

Coupons Used:
(1) $1 Bandaid Wags Q from the Pharmacy Book (tried to use 2, but the stinkers got smart and the 2nd bandaid rung up free! Shoot.) Final Price: 2/$1.99
(3) .55 Skintimate Q (one from an insert, 2 IP) Final Price: .44 ea
(2) $1 Dawn Simple Pleasure Final Price: .99 ea
(1) $1/2 Gillette Deodorant Final Price 2/$5.66
$1 MQ Tag Body Spray Final Price: $2.33

$2 MQ Olay Ribbons Body Wash Final Price: $1.33

$1 MQ Olay Botanical Fusion Final Price: $2.33
$3 MQ Infusium 23 Shampoo Final Price: $3

Recieved $7 in RR from the Deodorant/Body Wash/Shampoo (theorettically spending $7.65 for all)
$5 MIR for Tuf Trash bags (making both of those FREE!!!)
$4.99 MIR for Jane Mineral Powder (making it FREE!!!)

Not too shabby. I got A LOT of stuff, my stockpile is really growing..but atleast I’m not paying too much {if anything} to do it! :)

This is WA-Mart…well minus the Twizzlers. I forgot to put them in my WAGS pic. They were .99 ea, my kids ADORE these…I will use them to get them to do stuff for me.

I really didn’t get a whole lot form Wal-Mart…as you can tell…but all of the stuff in the picture was FREE. Yup, free. And actually the John Freida Mousse produced .03 overage. Hey, overage is overage, right?!

And this stuff was all free, too! Compliments of my mailbox. I bet my mailman really loves me these days!! The Country Bob’s Sauce wasn’t phsyically in my mailbox, but a coupon for a free bottle was. So I got it, and took a picture of the actual bottle because it is much more interesting than paper!

All around pretty good, especially for a newbie.

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