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by GettingFreedom on September 2, 2008

Yet no pictures!

I went shopping on Friday this week, and I was kid free! How amazing! I was stoked, but the rain soon came down. Literally. It was dark when I left, and when I stopped to get gas… poured. So much so, you could barely see. I’m terrified of thunderstorms, and this was a huge lightening show. Agh.

Driving to the “big” town was quite treacherous, but I made it. And it wasn’t raining there! Rain is crazy. But, in all my freaking out, I forgot to go to JCPenney, and my deals at one grocery store were jacked up…oh well. It happens.

Also, no pictures because I was exhausted when I came home, and with the long weekend and everything else…yeah I hope everyone understands!

My husband LOVES Diet Pepsi. He goes through an horrendous amount of the stuff. And, around here anyway, Walmart has raised their prices drastically. We’re talking $4.2x a 12 pk. So, when Walgreen’s had an in ad coupon for 5/$12 I was all over it!!! That was the main reason I was going.

Here is the breakdown of my trip:

(5) 12 pk Diet Pepsi $12
(1) Nivea Men’s Body Wash $4.99
(1) Kraft singles $4.59
(3) Planters Trail Mix $2.69
(2) Rimmel Eye Shadow $5.99 BOGO
(2) Dimetapp Children’s Cough Syrup Clearenced to $2.24
(3) Prep H Wipes $3.99
(2) Reynolds Wrap $1.59
(1) Chemistry Shampoo $7.99
(1) Crest pro Health TP $3.29

Coupons Used:
(1) $1 Nivea Product (mailed w/sample) Final Price: $3.99, MIR $5.49 ($1.50 moneymaker)
(1) Free cheese wyb from All You
.99 Planters Trail Mix Wags IVC
BOGO Rimmell From All You (Although this was a bogo q, I didn’t pay attn and the value was only up to 3.97.) Final Price: $8.01 which I just realized! This was a bogo sale. My oop should have been $2.02. AGH!
(2) $2 off Dimetapp IP Final Price: .48 for 2!!
(3) $3 Prep H IP Final Price: .99 each
.89 Reynolds Wags IVC
$3 Chemistry Shamp ESQ Final Price: $4.99, MIR $8.79 ($3.80 money maker)
Crest TP MIR $4.17

My OOP was $34.10 and I will get back $18.45 in MIR.
This deal would have been better if:
a) My Rimmell would have rung up correctly.
b) The ESQ for the Prep H would’ve went through. I had the best cashier ever, and this was the second time to ring up the transaction. The first time, it wouldn’t take my $10 q because my total before taxes was less than $40. The manager told her to re-ring it, and do the $10 q before all of my other ones. Yippee. The first time it took my ESQ but we did those before the MQ. The second time we tried a bajillion times and it didn’t take it, even after removing the MQ. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Basically though, all i paid for was the Diet Pepsi!

I went to a total of 5 places Friday. Really no stellar deals to be had, other than another set of Diet Pepsi’s at a local grocery store. They had theirs 5/$11.

I think I’m going to hide ‘em.

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