Crazy Insane Wags Trip

by GettingFreedom on November 26, 2008

Yesterday when I was grocery shopping I decided to go ahead and fly into Walgreen’s to cash in on the Venus Razor deal. I’ve really been laying low on deal-ing…I’ve not had much spare time to work deals. When I made my way over to where the razors are, they were out! I was so mad…I just knew I would score one (or 5!) since I didn’t wait till the end of the week like I usually do.

I found a worker, but couldn’t locate the BA. So, she went over to the beauty counter and paged the BA. Little did we both know, but she was stocking shelves right next to us. So, we giggled about it a bit, and she went to get down off of the step stool to come help us. Well, somehow or another her foot got trapped in between the 2 steps and she fell face first onto the floor. It was absolutely terrifying! I left my buggy (and my 3 yo..oops!) and went running over to her. She managed to get up, but was very shaken.

The other employee told her to go to the back and she tried to get me all squared away. The system was saying that there were 24 razors in stock. She went into the back to search for them, but came back empty handed. I guess that the stock room was so full that she could hardly get to anything. They were to look for them that evening and then call me when they found them.

No one called me this morning and I had to run the big kids to the library this afternoon, so I stopped in and checked. Still empty. I found my favorite manager and told him the deal. He paged the same worker from yesterday and told her exactly where they were. She went back to go get them….and came back empty handed!! Gah! Apparently their count was off! What?! How in the world can you be off by 24?

I told her that I wouldn’t be back any this week since I was going out of town for Thanksgiving, so she wrote me a rain check, minus the RR! Yippee!!

While we were trying to get things straightened out I asked her about the BA that fell. I guess that she ended up shattering her knee cap pretty badly, and she goes in for surgery in the morning…pins and all!!! I feel so bad! All this for FREE razors, that I haven’t even got yet!

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