Clearanced Fruit

by GettingFreedom on May 27, 2009

Every once in awhile I get lucky and I stumble upon great clearance sales on fruit at the local grocery store.

I rarely pay full price for bananas since they go on clearance quite often. Although they are usually browning a bit, these bananas are great for freezing or using right away.

  • Slice up and flash freeze individually and then place in a gallon bag. These are great for smoothies, to use in baked goods later on, or even for banana foster (a new favorite in my house!)
  • Peel and freeze whole. I’ve frozen then in the peel before–some were easy to get the peel off, while others were not. Peeling them before hand eliminates this hassle.
  • Use right away in banana bread/muffins, cakes, smoothies, banana foster :), oatmeal, etc.

A recent stop into my local grocery store yielded me a great score of clearanced bananas and apples! I was so excited at my find since it is rare that I find apples this cheap– .29¢/pound!! I brought home all that they had, which was almost 4 pounds. I was dreaming of all the different things I could do with all those apples.

  • Made lots of fresh apple juice with my new juicer. Boy, oh boy am I addicted to that thing! Fresh juiced juice does not even compare to commercial juice.
  • Sliced, cored, and peeled a big batch for the freezer. I added some cinnamon and sugar and froze to use later on in apple pie.
  • Ate fresh.
  • Smoothies.
  • If I had gotten more I would have loved to make some apple butter or apple sauce. Mmmmm!

Clearanced fruit saves money–as long as you use it up before it goes bad. Saving money with clearanced fruit definitely works for me!

Have you ever gotten any good deals on clearanced fruit? What is your favorite use for it?

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