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by GettingFreedom on August 28, 2012

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This year was one of our busiest years with sports and childrens’ activities.  We totally did it to ourselves {I think as a way to make up for the previous two summers}.  But, between sports like baseball/softball and swim team, as well as the lack of routine {which is a nice change, at times}–we quickly found out that summer can quickly become a free for all.  And a disaster.

I quickly found myself wore completely out. We were running every single night of the week between games and practices–yet my household chores remained the same.  I still had to cook 3 meals a day.  I still had a house to clean and a yard to care for.   And the time I had to do it in was drastically cut because of all these “extras”.  Those extras weren’t for me {although I thoroughly enjoyed watching them!}–yet I was the one paying a big price for them {in more ways that one! :)}.

That was when I decided that the chores of this house had to fall on someone other than just me.  I think it’s very important to teach children what it takes to run a home.  My parents didn’t, and I was in for a shock when I moved out on my own at barely 18!  This doesn’t mean that they should do everything while the parents sit back–but I do think it’s fair to expect them to carry their load.

Not only do chores teach your child what it takes to maintain a smooth running home, it also gives them a sense of pride.  My children really do not mind doing their chores and they’ve told me on numerous occasions that they love doing them and helping out.  Now, this isn’t to say that they never grumble.  Although that would sure be nice!
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Creating a Chore Chart for Children

Deciding what chores to include on your list is the hardest part of the entire process.  For ours, I enlisted the help of the kids. I figured this way, if there was an argument over them doing their chores, I could always remind them that they helped to choose them in the first place.  Turns out that has helped us immensely!  I  mentioned a few chores that I had in mind, and each child discussed what they wanted or other ideas that they had.  They had some really good ideas!

Keep in mind that whatever chores you choose for each child, they should be age appropriate.  The Happy Housewife has a great resource to help you figure out age appropriate chores for your kids.

After delegating out their regular chores and duties–I decided that there were a few extra chores that I would love some extra help on!  These chores would be paid-for-chores, prices ranging from 25¢ to 75¢.  Obviously they won’t be getting rich off of doing them–but it’s a reward to them for going above and beyond what is expected of them. From here, we created our chore charts so we could later print them out and laminate them.  I used this customizable printable chore chart, but you could also create your own using word/excel or even draw out your own.

Using a Chore Chart

Every day our children are expected to do what is on their chore charts.  Not every day looks the same,  but some days do.  Now that school is back in session, we’re not as hard on them to finish all of their tasks–however they have to atleast make an attempt.

If they do not finish their chores before bedtime, they will not be allowed to watch any television or use any electronics the next day.  However, if they finish all of their chores and want to do extra chores–they are free to do so!  In order for them to be paid for their extra chores they have to have completed their regular chores for the majority of the week.  Initially this was not how we handled it–but I noticed that they were getting sneaky and only finishing their chores one to two days a week, doing extra chores and then getting paid.  This was not our goal with creating the chore charts for our children, so we had to re-evaluate.

Be persistent and a make the chores part of your routine.  Set aside a particular part of the children’s day where it’s time to tackle chores.  When I was growing up, right after school was when my chores were to be completed.  I knew this was expected of me–so I did it day in and day out–no questions asked. Okay, maybe it didn’t always go as smoothly as I’ve portrayed it here. ;)   

I’m curious if you pay for chores in your house?

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