The Choice To Be Frugal

by GettingFreedom on June 9, 2009

I have fought off this post for many many months. I’ve started to write it, edited and ultimately deleted it. But, since the topic keeps coming up, and it still weighs so heavily on my heart–it is time to get it out. Once and for all.

The following things are not meant to place judgement on anyone. I am not perfect, and I never will be. While I may strive for perfection–I know that I can never attain it. I can only be my best, which is good enough for me.

The original purpose of this blog was to document my debt free journey and my couponing adventures. Mostly for myself and my own accountability. It has grown far more than what I could ever have imagined. Not only has my blog grown, but I have as well. The past year and half of my life have been a complete and utter eye opener..and quite frankly I’ve never been happier. When we started FPU, we were spending atleast 110% of our income. Today we live on less than 80%. That is my choice. In conjunction with lowering our spending I have truly realized what is important in life (although I thought I knew it all along).

I want everyone to know that I choose to be frugal. And if you really want me to be honest about it, I think that everyone should be frugal. Could you imagine how different our country would be if every single one of us were frugal? If we all decided to take a look at the simple and finer things in life?

Life isn’t about stuff, money, flashy-ness, vacations, cars, big houses, the newest fashions, and fancy bling-bling. The only thing about your image that matters in the long run is that you exude the love of Christ. This life is purely temporary. While I’m sure that God wants us to enjoy our time here, our purpose is to spread the Word and make His Kingdom grow. All those other things are temptations, put in our way to slow us in furthering His Kingdom.

Are you going to cave and let “your” money rule you? Or are you going to stand firm, spend deliberately and let God be your ruler?

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