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by GettingFreedom on September 29, 2008

It is almost October, can you believe it? Where has this year went to?

I’m done with my grocery shopping for the month, and Walgreen’s has already started their new month, so I might as well just call it October. I’ve already switched my Calendar, too. I promise I’m not trying to rush the month, just preparing myself for the new one! Ha.

Anyway, Septemeber was a really good month for us. I started my new budget of $300 for groceries and we paid off our credit card. I have to admit, that was definitely the highlight for me. I was also relatively worried when it came time for me to do my grocery shopping last week, I was afraid that I would totally blow my budget. I did go over, if you notice on my sidebar, but I have an explanation. And it is valid. Atleast I like to think that way.

Saturday we had a hayride at church, and I was asked to provide a pot of chilli and to bring a dessert. The dessert that I chose was not frugal, but it was definitely worth the price tag. I think the final tally on the dessert was close to $9, and that doesn’t include the milk to make the pudding. I guess I could have chosen a more frugal dessert, but this one feeds a lot of people, and everyone really likes it. And I used the pudding to get me free OM beef hot dogs with the kraft coupon from All You magazine. They were going to expire I had to use them for this dessert. right?!

Nonetheless, that is alot of money for a dessert! And, I had to buy extra hamburger and chilli beans. So, considering I had all these extra expenses and I only went over by $2, I still think it was a success. Considering this, I really hope that I can come in under budget for October. I’m still leaving it at the $300 mark for a few more months, but I do plan to have it around $200 by January.

We have a lot of projects going on around here (finishing the neverending laundry room makeover, living room redo, and we have to finish removing the downed trees from Ike) so we are using some of the money we were throwing at the credit card to get these stresses out of the way. When these are done, we will throw all of it at the truck with gazelle intensity.

If everything goes as planned, and God willing, our debt (everything but the house) will be gone at the end of next year! Yay! Then we will be able to do the addition to our home with little to no debt added. I’ve really tried to be patient with this, and hopefully I can continue to be patient. When we bought our home 4 years ago we bought it knowing full and well we would have to build on. We were going to do it right away, but we were not smart with our finances, and we bought a brand new vehicle instead. Thankfully, we went through FPU shortly after that, and instead of borrowing the money to build on, we decided to wait until all of our other debt was gone. Which is why I have been waiting so long. It is for the best though, and I know that…I guess I just get selfish sometimes. :)

Here is my plan for October:

  • Since our baby EF is funded, and we don’t miss the money we alotted to go in there, I’m going to keep saving it. I’m wanting to get a “stash” up to the tune of our max out of pocket for medical expenses. It is a hefty amount ($1500), but having this will prevent us from using our extra money, or our regular EF for medical bills. I’m hoping that this will be fully funded, amongst other “funds”, with our tax return next year. Honestly though, not holding my breath for it.
  • Keep throwing any and all extra money at the truck debt. We should have all our “stresses” out of the way this week and be able to fully focus on the debt for the rest of the month.
  • Keep the grocery budget set at $300. I’m really thinking that I can get this atleast $25 under. That is my own personal side goal.
  • And, I really want to get over my fear of selling on Ebay. Honestly, I don’t know why it frightens me, but it does. The part that gets me is calculating shipping. That sounds strange, I know, but I don’t want it to cut into my profit, and I want to do it efficently.

So, with that being said, if you sell on Ebay, and have success…share your shipping tips with me please! I have tons of childrens clothes/toys and misc. household garb. I’ve tried CraigsList, but I’ve had no luck. I think mainly because the town or “area” I live in doesn’t have its own listing. I would love to get rid of some of our things and make some additional money.

Help me, please!!

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