Recipe: Sweet Pickles

August 18, 2009

Last year we had so many cucumbers coming from our garden, that I ran out of ideas for them. I canned multiple Bread and Butter Pickles as well as Dill–I even tried my hand at relish. I had no idea what to do with the rest of them, so I started flipping through my canning […]

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Canning Tomatoes

August 4, 2009

After all the fuss of no tomatoes ripening, I’ve been blessed! We returned home from visiting family back in our hometown at about 7:30 Sunday evening, and I decided to take a peek at the garden. I knew I had some green and purple beans that were ready, and probably some peppers. Boy was I […]

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Preserving the Harvests

July 23, 2009

It has been quite some time since I have last updated my garden progress. I planned on being home a lot more and spending more of my day in there than what I am. Nonetheless though, it is keeping us in food! Our summer has been incredibly mild, with only one week that was so […]

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Home Canning: What do you Really Need?

June 12, 2009

*This is Part 2 of the Home Canning Series, go here to read Part 1: Getting Started.* Now that we have went over the 2 different methods to canning, and you know what type of canner you will need for what you are canning–lets take a look at the other supplies that you may need. […]

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Canning: Getting Started

June 10, 2009

Canning your own food during the summer months, for use throughout the rest of the year, can be a great way to save on your grocery budget. Not only that, but it is very rewarding to step back and look at all your work and have peace of mind that if things got really tough–you […]

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Canning Jalapenos

June 5, 2009

On Tuesday of this week, I made a quick pop into the grocery store for some needed items. I happened to walk buy a buggy with some clearanced produce and decided to take a peak. Lo and behold there were 2 containers of marked down jalapenos. I asked DH what he thought and he told […]

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Menu Plan Week of 5/3-5/9

May 4, 2009

Last week went faster than I thought it was going to, especially considering I was completely winging my menu plan. Thankfully I also didn’t end up spending loads of money or succumbing to the temptation of eating out since there was actually no plan. Breakfast: Oatmeal. Egg White. Egg Substitute. Bacon. HM Whole Wheat Toast. […]

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Recipe: Black Eyed Pea Soup

February 13, 2009

I love an easy, frugal meal. I came across this recipe about 6 years ago, and it was an instant hit. The recipe was eaten by my recipe binder, and just surfaced a couple weeks ago. My husband was delighted to find out that it was on our menu plan this week. Black Eyed Pea […]

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2009 Goals & Challenge

December 30, 2008

**If you want to see other’s goals, visit The Happy Housewife, or Biblical Womanhood.** I’ve never been one to make New Year Resolutions. When I did, I would just make them to make them..generally not a whole lot of thought into them. I would find myself either forgetting them in a few months, or just […]

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July 22, 2008

Our God is such an Awesome God!! When I step back and look at all the blessings He has sent my way, it astounds me! I’ve been absent the last week from the blogging world due to massive amounts of food coming from my garden and lack of time from various household duties. This is […]

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