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by GettingFreedom on July 13, 2008

I can’t believe I actually did it! This weekend has been a weekend of firsts, all around. I love trying new things…well..sometimes. Okay, not very often..I get nervous. Which is odd, because before we moved from my hometown, I was never nervous. I guess it has something to do with being in a new place (even though it isn’t all too new now..we’ve been gone for 5 yrs now!), or age. Yeah, everything in life is always blamed on age..we’ll blame this on age too.

Okay..back to what I was saying. My first new adventure was sending my big kids to camp. It took everything in me. They have only ever stayed with family, no one else. Ever. Although it was only one night, and not even a full 24 hours…I was a nervous wreck. Nicholas’s behavior hasn’t been the best, and sometimes in new situations, he goes off the deep end. So, I threatened him. No, not with bodily injury, but with his ability to go back to camp in the future. And boy howdy, did it work! He was great..or atleast that is what they told me. However, my daughter came back pretty banged up. She opened the front door to the dorm, and she knocked the twinklidinks out of her toe. It is in pretty bad shape to say the least. I would show you the gory details, however it is just that. Gory. And gross. Inevitably she will lose the toenail and there is question on whether it is broke or not. Poor girl. Great memories from First Chance Camp! And I guess that is what I get for sending my kids off!

Then, I actually used my pressure canner. Scared the tar out of me, and I was nervous as I’ll get out..but I did it. And it was a success! I’m addicted. I cannned 9 pints of carrots, and 9 half-pints of blackberry jam. Go me!! I have an horrenndous amount of cucumbers that I will probably make into bread and butter pickles tomorrow. Hopefully I will get around to it…DH is off work. Considering he is the messiest of the bunch..uh make that the messiest person EVER, I will be kept busy.

After all the canning the carrots on Friday night and all the stress it caused me we decided we would go to the river on Saturday. This summer has been the craziest yet..and we haven’t been to the river once. It’s a shame. We had a pretty good time, considering. Considering that we had a near death expirence. Okay, not that bad, but at the time it seemed that bad. We were on the lake, which is still about 30 feet above normal from the flooding, and it goes into the river. It is an amazing sight to see all the water…no rocks, no foreign limbs. Smooth sailing. So we thought. We were trying to find a gravel bar because the kids were dying to swim. Due to all the flooding, there were none. We finally found one and were on our way to it through the only ripples that we had seen all day. No big deal..we’ve done this a million times before, even in the dark during giggin’ season. I had no fear. And then it happened. We hit a rock. Again, no biggie, been there done that. And then, I seen Willie, and my youngest fall into the water. Boat still running. What a fright! When I fully realized what was going on, I too was in the water, and Noah’s shoes were floating past me..along with the boat. I grabbed it…so did Willie. He had Noah in his arms, and Noah was terrified. Nicholas and Kaitlyn were safely in the boat. Thank God. And that is exactly what I did…..for I don’t know how long. Thankfully we were spared from all injury. I have a small scrape on my elbow…..and that is it. Nothing to speak of really. So, we all got back in and headed back in the direction that we came. We didn’t stay out much longer…all the excitement got my stomach in a funk. That, and there was a lot of extra water in the boat…we still haven’t figured out yet if we popped a small hole in it or what. So much for stress reliever!

Oh…and I realized that with the holiday weekend last weekend, I never posted my awesome deals that I got when I went grocery shopping. Oops. I don’t remember them all without double checking the reciepts, but I’ll share a few off the top of my head: BOGO on doritos, (5) 12 pk pepsi products for $11, (4) free w/overage johnson’s buddies soap, (2) sure deodorant for almost free, the diaper deal at Walgreen’s…..and some other stuff that I’m sure I am forgetting. I do remember being totally stoked by all my deals afterward though.

Anyway…I thought that I would share a picture of my harvest from my garden. What an awesome feeling. I’m so glad we decided to go ahead and do the garden this year. My dream for next year is similar to the one that I found on this blog. Amzing how far I have come in the last few years. I never in a million years would have pictured me having a garden, let alone canning, and dreaming of a bigger better garden. God has really opened up my eyes. How awesome is He?!


And I almost forgot. I picked those cucumbers!!!! I’m so impressed with myself. Defintely a weekend of “firsts”!

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