Building a Potting Table

by GettingFreedom on April 19, 2011

Looking to add a usable work surface to your garden this year?  Look no farther than your local thrift store, or Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

The last few years, as we’ve ventured into using heirloom seeds to grow our vegetables, using a greenhouse, and growing a large garden.   I’ve found with doing these things, there was a great need for extra workspace in our actual garden.  With no work surfaces in my garden, I’ve found myself planting my seedlings in my dining room, or washing off my fresh produce in my kitchen sink.  While there really is nothing wrong in doing those things, I work really hard on a daily basis trying to keep the dirt out of my home, and not intentionally bringing in it!

To solve this problem I came up with a Potting Table.   We positioned our potting table in between my greenhouse and tool shed, and also right in front of my {soon to be completed} chicken house, so my work surface is right in action alley. :)

Making your own Potting Table is as easy as repurposing everyday items.  To build this project you will need::

  • An old door {we used an old exterior door}
  • A sink; complete with faucet
  • (2) 4″x4x8″ treated boards
  • Outdoor Water spigot
  • Water Supply Line
  • JigSaw
  • Screws
  • Screw Gun

Cut your 4″x4″ boards in half, making them 4″x4″x4′ each, and resulting in 4 legs for your table.  Position your door on top of your 4 legs, and using your screw gun, screw 2 screws into each leg.   This creates your table.

Position your sink on your tabletop where you would like for it to be.  We pushed ours over to one side to make the most out of our work surface.  Draw around the basin of your sink, so you know where to make your cuts, creating the hole for you to mount your sink.  Using a jigsaw, cut out.  Sit your sink into the hole and use silicone around the top to seal.

This picture shows how we “plumbed” our sink, so we could use it to wash off our veggies before they enter the house, as well as keeping our hands clean, and watering some of our smaller plants. All we have to do is attach our water hose to the outdoor water spigot and Voila! , we’ve got water!  No worry about frozen pipes in the winter, either.

We will eventually make a shelf under this table that will hold some of my extra pots.  The shelf will also hold 5 gallon buckets to catch the water we use in the sink that we will later use to water the garden.

We had everything for this project already–so there was no additional out of pocket expense to us.  Even if you had to purchase your supplies, I would think you would still be able to build this Potting Table for less than $30.  Definitely worth not having to clean up all that extra dirt in your house!

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