Budget Boot Camp


With the economy the way it is, grocery and fuel prices on the rise — many families are looking to gain financial freedom. We were once in over $40,000 of consumer debt and thought there was no way out. Month after month we relied on our credit cards to purchase fuel and groceries. Little did we know then that with a little revamping and a slight mind-shift, we were able to pay off all our debt in just a few years — without changing our income!

And because of that, helping others find freedom has become a passion of mine!

I’ve developed an 8-Week Finding Freedom Budget Boot Camp, complete with 8 Drills for you to find freedom in your finances!

Don’t hesitate! TODAY is the day to find freedom and to keep it!

You will find each drill listed below, just click on the drill you wish to complete. I do suggest that you complete the drills in the order that they’re listed — and not to skip ahead.

Creating a Monthly Cash Flow Plan

Is Cash Really Essential? Yes!!

10 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Budget in HALF!

Why Do I Need An Emergency Fund and 5 Ways to Fund It

Tackling Your Debt:: Effectively Creating and Using A Debt Snowball

Is it EVER Okay to Choose Debt?

Struggling to keep positive? 3 Tips to Pushing Through the Hard Times

Overcoming the Budget Rut:: 6 Small Changes to Save $100 in 7 Days

**COMING SOON** Setting Yourself Up for Success:: Saving for Your Future