Blogging Goals for the New Year

by GettingFreedom on January 4, 2010

I jumped into this whole blogging thing not knowing a thing. A year and half later, I’ve learned so much and can’t wait for what 2010 holds. The blogging community has welcomed me with open arms, and pushed me to places I never thought I would be. I’m convinced I have the best readers on the planet!
I finally decided that since I’ve seen great success mapping out annual goals, that I should jump in and make goals for my blog as well.
1. Stay on top of my Inbox. All of your comments come to my email box so that I can respond to you directly, unless you’ve not provided your email address on your account. I need to stay on top of answering these, as well as all the other emails I get.
2. Balance Social Media. Oh how I’ve come to love Twitter, Facebook, and Skype. Now, if I could learn to balance all of these things so I’m not sucked into the computer all day. I’m a mother and a wife first.

3. Network with other bloggers. I’ve been stuck in my own little piece in blog land for quite some time. There is huge strength in numbers, and I need to “get out” more–of course with balance.

4. Tackle Vlogging. I’ve wanted to do this for quite sometime, just never did it. I think this will be perfect for the gardening season, so I can really show things.

5. Move to WordPress. I’ve put it off long enough..2010 is THE year for me!

6. Conduct a Poll. For the most part, I’ve not run out of things to say on here. However, I want to insure that I’m dishing out quality material for my readers. In the next few weeks I hope to put together a survey to find out what you all want to see.
7. Grow! I would love to double my subscribers and up my pageviews (double, triple?)
8. Be active in my forum, as well as others. BlogFrog is a great place to get to connect with other women, if only I would take advantage of it.
9. Create a Meme. I loved doing Finding Freedom Friday last year. I stopped it because I thought it was morphing into another Frugal Friday. Ive not axed the idea of bringing it back, I just need to re-evaluate.
10. Learn to take quality photographs. Mine stink..’nuff said.
See other blogging goals over at SavvingBlogging.

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