New Coupons

by GettingFreedom on January 20, 2009 has released some more great coupons. This time for movies! Some of these movies have been spotted on sale at various Wal-Mart stores, so keep your eyes peeled for a good movie deal!!

They include:

  • $2 off Moulin Rouge
  • $2 off Ever After
  • $2 off When Harry Met Sally
  • $2 off Romeo and Juliet Music Edition
  • $2 off Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  • $2 off The Devil Wears Prada
  • $2 off Say Anything

Amongst others!

Also, they still have the $1 off of Velveeta. Pairing that coupon with a sale could make for some cheap Velveeta!

Be sure to print your coupons from my sidebar! This helps me to put more cents into my snowball!

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Walgreen’s Trip

by GettingFreedom on September 30, 2008

Well, I think that I have convinced myself that I am not ready to undertake doing multiple transactions…atleast when I have a child with me! I had Noah today, and attempted 3 transactions. In my head and on paper for all 3 transactions it should have been something like $25-$30. Mostly everything I got either had a RR attached to it, or a MIR. Um..yeah…it wasn’t! Okay though. I’m still a newbie, and I’m still in the learning process. I still saved a lot, and in the end that it what I was going for anyway.

Instead of showing you all of my transactions, I am going to just list all the items, with my grand total. It is actually a total of 4 transactions (3 in one trip, and one in another).

(10) Pringles 10/$10
Rice Krispy Treats $2.50
Pecan Sandies $2.50
(4) Puffs Tissues (in ad Q .89)
Lypsyl LypMouisturizer $2.99
(2) Gillete Shampoo 2/$10
(2) Herbal Essense $5.99 ea
Infusium $5.99
(2) Gillette Fusion Razors (one power w/shave gel, one regular) $8.99 ea
(2) Crayola Color Wonder Packs (originally priced almost $8) clearanced $1.99
Wag Coloring Book .99 (bought for more coupons!!)
Febreeze Candle $6.99
Febreeze Noticables Starter Pack $6.99
(3) Febreeze Air Effects $2.49 ea
(2) Oral B Toothbrushes $4.49 and $3.99 (they are the same, were in the same spot..have no idea why one rung up cheaper!)
Disney color book for Noah (gasp!!!) $2.99
Cascade Action Pacs $3.49
(2) Mr Clean Erasers $2.49
(2) Weight Watchers Candy clearanced .74 (had coupon b2g1..but they only had 2 left! :( )
Coupons Used
(2) .25 off Puffs Final Price: .77 ea
(2) $2 Herbal Essense Final Price: $3.99 ea
$2 Infusium Final Price: $3.99
(2) $2 Gillette Shampoo Final Price: $3 ea
(2) $4 Gillette Fusion Razors Final Price: $4.99 ea
$1 Walgreens Coloring Book Q Crayola Color Wonder Final Price: .99 ea
$1 Febreeze Candle Final Price: $5.99
$5 Febreeze Noticables Starter Kit Final Price: $1.99
Free Air Effects wyb Febreze Candle
(2) $1 Air Effects Final price: $1.49 ea
.75 Oral B Adult Manual TB Final Price: $3.87 ea
$1 Cascade Action Packs Final Price: $2.49
(2) .50 Magic Eraser Final Price: $1.99 ea
Gimminy Cricket!
RR Earned
$3 on Pringles
$2 on Snacks
$8 from Herbal Essense and Infusium
(2) $4 from Gillette Fusion (seperate transactions)
(2) $5 from Febreeze/Cascade/Mr. Clean (seperate transactions)
(2) $4.50 from TB (again, on seperate transactions)
Total RR: $40!!
$5 from Gillette Shampoo (these will be .50 ea!)
Lypsyl. Now, I’m not certain on the amt of this one because it is an add on online. It says $1.99, but then beside the box to claim rebate it says $3.99. So, I am hoping this will be FAR.
Now, before I go disclosing the amount OOP, I must confess Noah distracted me with the crazy speaking, dancing, Halloween thingys that they have displayed at the register. I seriously despise those things, but Noah loves to annoy me with them. That or he just likes them. Nonetheless, I messed up transaction #2 and #3. And, on my second trip the checkout woman wouldn’t let me use my $8 RR (even trying fillers) so my OOP was $8 more than t should have been. Anyway…my OOP is WAY TOO HIGH!!!!!!
OOP: $77.67
RR Left: $31
MIR: $8.79 (this is assuming the lypsyl is FAR and including the 10%)
41 items $1.89 an item.
51% savings (not including RR left and MIR) with MIR 57%. This is obviously not my best deal ever…but hopefully with all these RR accumulated my next deals will be even better!! Guess I will just stick to one transaction when I have children with me! :)
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