Benefits of Silicone Bakeware

by GettingFreedom on March 23, 2010

A few years ago when the silicone pans became all the rage, I was the biggest skeptic around.  The thought of putting rubber or plastic, or whatever you want to call it, into my oven was just not something I could envision working.

I received a gift box of assorted silicone products* a few years ago from Christmas.  I will admit, it sat in my cabinet for many months before I finally caved in and tried them.  There was nothing to lose {except maybe a few calories}, so I gave them a go.

I now love them!

Benefits of Silicone Bakeware

  • Flexibility; which contributes to ease of storage.
  • Long-Lasting; Because it is silicone, it won’t get bent out of shape, become rusted, or even shatter.  There is no hurting the thing! {Okay, I’m sure it may be possible to hurt it, but it appears indestructible. ;) }
  • Non-Stick; No need to grease your pans before hand.  I have noticed that when using a Silicone Muffin Pan, my muffins needed to cool before popping them out in one piece.
  • Cleanup is a cinch!; Run hot water over it, wipe with a soapy rag, and voila!
  • Distributes the heat more evenly; No hot spots or uneven cooking.
  • Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator, and Freezer Safe
  • Cools Down Quickly

And while I know this isn’t technically a piece of bakeware, I consider a Silicone Oven Mitt* to be an absolute essential in the kitchen.  Gone are  the days torching your fingers in what appears to be a perfectly fine oven mitt!

What do you think of Silicone Bakeware?

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*Disclosure–I linked to these products to show you what I was referring to and may not be exactly what I own. These links are affiliate links, and I will receive a small amount of compensation if you decide to make a purchase.
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