The Beginning: I’m A Mom

by GettingFreedom on October 23, 2009

I’ve finally decided to get it out there. This way others can hear my story and maybe you can better understand me and where I’m coming from. Little did I know it then, but this is where my frugality began. Rather unwillingly. If you are new to this series, catch up here.

I showed up to my doctor appointment having no clue what was in store for me. Everything was going like any other appointment, until he said those words.

“Phoebe, things aren’t getting any better. You’re gonna have to be admitted to the hospital so that you can be monitered and we can keep an eye on the baby.”

I was stunned.

Thankfully my mom was with me, and we went right on over to the hospital and she settled me in. I was hooked up to all sorts of monitors to monitor my heart rate, as well as my baby’s. I was continuing to gain weight at an alarming pace, and puffing up more and more. I began to resemble a Puffing Fish. The only time I was allowed to get up out of the hospital bed, was when I needed to use the bathroom. I was able to shower, but only briefly.

The doctor continued to come and check my progress. I was eager for his visit everyday, I couldn’t wait for him to say, “It’s time to go home. Everything will be okay.”

Two weeks came and went. He entered the room and informed me that it was inevitable. I wasn’t going to make it full term, and there was no way the local hospital would be able to take care of a preemie. The only solution at this point was for me to travel, by ambulance, an hour away to a bigger hospital.

They rolled in the bed, strapped me on, and off I went on the bumpiest, most terrifying ride of my life. I was wheeled into a room with hundreds of gadgets and machines. I was assigned a new doctor, and she immediately began poking and prodding me. I remember one of the nurses coming at me with about 15 vials. They filled every last one. This was the moment I decided I would never donate blood again. I had scars in the crease of my elbow for months!

I was moved to a new room, one without windows(!), and they continued to run more tests. I was given steroid shots to help develop the baby’s lungs, because it was obvious he was coming early.

The doctors continued to monitor me very closely, yet they rarely told me very much. I started seeing a liver specialist, and shortly there after they assigned me a kidney specialist. My blood pressure was still eratic, and my swelling was getting worse. Almost 2 weeks had past and I was just going down hill. I was on magnesium to ward off any seizures and it made me very loopy. I couldn’t stand to have the lights on, and I was known to fall asleep in the middle of eating a meal. Fork to my face and all. Because of my high blood pressure, I had horrendous headaches. Everything coupled together was almost too much to bear.

It was around 1:00 in the afternoon and I had just finished eating a lunch of chicken strips and telling my parents goodbye. The kidney specialist entered my room to do their routine check.

I had no clue.

It was time.

My parents, less than an hour earlier, had embarked on their one hour journey home. They turned around and came right back. Their baby was having a baby.

My liver had almost completely failed, and my kidneys were on their way. 18 years old and I was having a baby at 32 weeks gestation. Now.

I had an emergency c-section on September 4th, 2000 at around 4 in the afternoon. Usually you are not allowed to eat prior to going in for a c-section. At the stage I was in, that didn’t matter. I became very ill while still on the table and was wishing I had never eaten those chicken strips!

Nicholas Tyler weighed in at 4 pounds 12 oz, 19 inches long.

I couldn’t see him. I didn’t get to hold him.

He was wisked away. He was gone.

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