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by GettingFreedom on August 1, 2012

Can you believe that it’s already August?!  For many of us that means a new school year is just a few weeks {or maybe days?!} away!  Say it isn’t so!

Honestly, I’m not quite ready.  We’re homeschooling our oldest again {6th grade!} and then we have a 2nd and 5th grader, and a 2 year old.  I think I need a boost!

My hurdles::

  • a new schedule to work out
  • a new season to dress for
  • a home that needs to be cleaned
  • dinners to fix every night
  • a slew of bake sales and birthdays every school year brings

Now there’s a solution! For 1 week only (Aug. 1-8), you can get 5 ebooks for the low price of $10!

What you’ll get:

Tell Your Time

What if you could change your life in 30 pages?

Tell Your Time: How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free outlines a straightforward, step-by-step approach to controlling your schedule and ensuring the important things don’t fall through the cracks.

Tell Your Time helps you accomplish not only what’s on your to-do list today, but what’s on your to-do list for life.

Tell Your Time is written by Amy Lynn Andrews.


Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule


…is a step-by-step guide to create a plan tailor made for you.

…has a master list of every possible cleaning task that came to mind and many of them link back to “how to” posts so you can complete them better and faster.

…has calendar templates available for you to use when creating your schedule.

…is short (17 pages), quick and easy to read.

Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule is written by Christine Satterfield.


 The No Brainer Wardrobe

– Love the clothes they have

– Lose the clothes they hate

– Shop for items to fill the gaps

The book contains over 80 pages of content, including images outlining outfit selections, how to shop, and how to build a lookbook.

This book will save you time and money, but more than anything it will help you feel great in what you wear.

The No-Brainer Wardrobe is written by Hayley Morgan.


Cupcakes! 12 Months of Happiness

Whether you are an accomplished baker or a novice, you will love these quick, easy and fun cupcakes.

You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and the essential tools for easy cupcake decorating and materials I used to create 12 Months of Happiness.

Cupcakes! 12 Months of Happiness is written by Liz Latham.


 Feast in 15

no time for cooking?

15 minutes is all you need!

You’ll find:

  • Tips for speed cooking dinner.
  • 2 weekly menus with complete shopping lists – the planning is done for you!
  • Recipes like Italian Nachos, Meatball Gyros, Garlic Lime Shrimp and more that your family will love.

Cooking just one 15 minute meal at home instead of eating out will save you much more than the cost of the Back to School Boost for Moms eBook Bundle!

Feast in 15 is written by Tiffany King.



$10 for 5 ebooks that will save you time, money and a little bit of sanity this school year.

The cost to buy all 5 eBooks separately is $28.95.  For this week only, you can get them all for just $10Now that’s a great deal!

Hurry! This Offer won’t be available after August 8!

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