Baby Tomato Plants

by GettingFreedom on February 25, 2009

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that my tomato seeds are now baby tomato plants!

I’m so excited!

I planted an entire flat of them, which is 48 plants, as well as 48 sweet pepper plants. I know this sounds like a ton, and in all honesty, I didn’t realize just how many that was until I told my husband after I did it! I was just happily planting away, defintely not taking into account just how many I was planting. Now that I have done it though, I plan to give some to my family and friends.

This year, especially since we are new gardeners and since we have planned a rather large garden, we have decided to keep track of every little happening that is going on. I highly recommend this so that when you go to plant the following year, you know exactly what went on. No relying on your memory here, it is all recorded.

We made an excel spreadsheet that includes the plant variety, where we got it from (right now all of ours are from Baker Creek), the recommended date to plant outside (we got this from the local extension office), the date that we actually planted, days till harvest (most of the time the seed packet will give this information), and then the actual date that the plant needs to be harvested (this is a formula that my husband put in–but I don’t think that it is working right). We also have a seperate spreadsheet to track our seeds, which day we planted, and then what day they actually germinated. On both of them there is a section for notes so that as we go along, we have a place to record any thoughts or anything else noteworthy.
So far, it has really been working for me.
I was also really skeptical about putting my precious little seedlings in the greenhouse since it is still getting relatively cold at night. We put a thermometer in, as well as a black barrell full of water to help raise the temps. During the day, the temps are in the 80’s in there (!) but first thing in the morning it is only about 40. So, we decided that during the day I would take my seedlings out to the greenhouse, but bring them in at night.
I think that was what got them germinating, honestly. But, who knows for sure.
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