Heaven on a Stick

by GettingFreedom on December 19, 2008

These are kind of hard to see, but hopefully you can kind of tell what they are.
I really wasn’t going to post today, but these are heaven on a stick, so I had to share. They are oh so easy, too.
You’ll need:
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Kraft Caramels
  • splash of milk
  • toppings. We used butterscotch chips, chocolate chips and toffee bits. You can also use white chocolate chips, nuts, Andes mint chips, peanut butter chips, etc. Do whatever your family likes.

Unwrap all of the caramels and add a splash of milk. You can either melt them in the microwave or on the stovetop. When melted sit aside to cool/thicken just a bit. Meanwhile break your pretzel rods in half., and dump all of your toppings in a bowl. When the caramel is thickened up, dip or spoon caramel on broken end of pretzel about 3/4 of the way down (leaving enough room to hold on to the end). Roll it around making sure the whole end is fully covered and stuck on. Then, roll the pretzel end around in topping heaven. You might have to use your hands to push some more on and make sure that it sticks. Immediately place on wax paper to become set.

I made about 25 (for now) and used about half a package of each topping. I melted all of the caramel, but I still have a fair amount left for more.

I packaged mine in three’s (I ate the rest) in the cheap-o sandwich bags that don’t have the zippers. I then tied them with pretty ribbon to close them. I’m putting these on Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews.

For more recipes go here.

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