Another Milestone

by GettingFreedom on September 4, 2013

I sit here today mind blown over just how fast time flies.

It seems that this happens every time one of my children have a birthday.

But really?  Thirteen years old?!  Already?

Say it ain’t so!

I had great plans of writing a captivating post.  But the reality is, I’m speechless.

The first photo from this scrapbook page was the only glimpse I had of Nicholas for many, many hours while everyone else was already able to see him.


Nicholas came into my life at a point where I wasn’t sure who I was and I wasn’t aware that God had a plan for me.  I look back on those first few years with a lot of anxiety, but at the same time I realize that those years helped to shape me into who I am today.

While I had to grow up crazy fast, I’m thankful for that, because its brought me here.  Right where I am.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, this year we decided to put Nicholas back into public school.  While I was very nervous about this transition, so far its going pretty well.  He is at or above where he needs to be in all subjects (shew!  I was nervous that I’d failed at my teaching job.)

Socially he seems to be doing okay.  This is always a very hard area for him and he’s dealt a lot with bullying in previous years (even from the kids you would least expect it).  Unfortunately this has left his self esteem down in the dumps and his moods everywhere but up.

I look forward to the years ahead, although they scare the bejezzus out of me, to see what God has in store for my little fighter.

Nick in the hospital after his shunt surgery.

The boy whose been through it all.

The boy who captured my heart when I was only 18, and he was only 4 pounds 12 ounces.

The first boy to ever call me mom.

The boy who looks to me to show him the love of the Jesus and teach him that God has a plan for him.  Even when the days seem dark.

The boy who will forever be my baby.


Pray for us.  I’m not ready for this!


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