My name is Phoebe and I’m obsessed with finances and frugal living. I seem to think numbers all day long. Oh wait, I thought I was at a support group! In a sense, that’s just what I want to create here at Getting Freedom.  Here it’s all about ways to save money, and learning to love the “unconventional life”.

My husband and I are raising our 4 children in a rural commuity in Missouri. Resources are slim, so we have to get creative in all aspects.  Over the last few years, I’ve found the unconventional life to be ridiculously rewarding, and I wouldn’t turn back now for anything.

Finding Money at Home

While I haven’t worked outside of the home in the last 7 years, I’ve settled into my newfound “job” of saving my family money and finding new and exciting ways to be frugal. This is definitely not where I thought I would end up in life, having once had dreams of  being a pediatrician or a pediatric nurse.  I was raised in a large town, having never cooked a day in my life.  Now, people ask me for recipes!


Meals with Deals:: I love sharing with you how the average person can make Meals with Deals for next to nothing, without sacrificing the flavor.

Frugal Gardening 101 :: We also garden extensively in hopes of  producing  enough for our family as well as families in need. I still consider myself to be an amateur gardener, so I hope that you will follow along with me in my journey.

Salvaged Sunday:: Now that Project Major Home Addition is {basically} completed, it’s time to decorate real world style.  We all want our homes to look nice, but lets face it–none of us have a million dollars to do so.  I’ll show you how I make my house a home with everyday items.

Kitchen Gadget {For the Frugal Kitchen}:: We’ve been able to cut our grocery budget by 60% by making our own foods at home {as well as using cash}. But, let’s face it–spending countless laborous hours in the kitchen day after day is no fun.  I share with you the gadgets that I use on a regular basis that are worth the money spent. 

Hot Deals and Coupons:: Coupons {when used right} are a great way to help you slash your grocery budget. And the latest Hot Deals make sure that you’ll never pay retail!

Here, we can all learn to  live and love the unconventional life, in all aspects of our life.  Whether it be preserving our harvests, managing our homes, planning our meals, getting out of debt, or just enjoying the little moments.

I hope that you will join me and my family, as we learn that the simple, frugal life, is THE life!

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