A Look Back On June

by GettingFreedom on July 3, 2012

Oh, June!  You were hard on my emotions–somewhat thankful to have you in my past.  But that just means we’re closer to year-end.  How is it so that it’s already mid-2012?!

Here’s a look back at the popular posts from June.  Most of these posts are older posts–but still received quite a bit of traffic through search, or other means.

How to Can Jalapenos–Apparently everyone is seeing their jalapeno crop come in. :)

Apple Cinnamon Pizza

How to Can Beans

The Beginning–This posts continues to be a highly trafficked post.

Staycation Ideas for Springfield, Missouri

My Son is Not Like Yours–So What??–Another one of those VERY hard posts to write, yet so freeing.

Home Canning Refried Beans

The Importance of Menu Planning–This post is from waayy back in 2009!  It definitely needs to be re-formatted! Hahaha.

Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn–That one also needs to be reworked!

Homemade Convenience Foods–I’m constantly adding to this list!


Only 2 of the Top Ten Posts for June were actually posted last month!  Thank you for pinning, tweeting, and sharing my posts on Facebook–this goes to show that power!

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