52 Week Savings Challenge–Will You Join Me?

by GettingFreedom on January 27, 2013

The 52 Week Savings Challenge isn’t necessarily a new concept.  I’ve seen it floating around for many years now, and it’s always intrigued me.  This year, I stumbled upon the idea again, and decided that this year I finally needed to jump in and do it.  After all you only start with a dollar!

The basic idea behind the 52 Week Savings Challenge is that you put back money every week, beginning with one dollar and ending with $52.  While that doesn’t sound like a whole lot, added altogether you’ll end up with over $1300! That’s a good down payment on a used vehicle or even a great start to funding your emergency fund.

To make the 52 Week Challenge even easier you can also begin with savings $52 a week and ending with $1–making saving during the crazy Christmas and Holiday Season a bit easier.

Obviously we’re already 4 weeks into the 52 Week Savings Challenge, so your initial deposit would need to be $10 if you’re starting with $1, or $202 if you’re starting with $52.

I would love for you to join in with me on the 52 Week Savings Challenge.  I’ve created a couple of printables to show you just how the savings adds up, and a tracking sheet so you can see your savings grow.  Who’s to say that you couldn’t decide to add a little extra to your savings each week?

Let’s watch our savings account grow!  Who’s with me?

Download your 52 Week Savings Challenge Record and Tracking Sheet here.

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