52 Week Savings Challenge {Week 5}

by GettingFreedom on February 1, 2013

Today is Friday, which means that if you’re participating in the 52 Week Savings Challenge it’s time to make a deposit.

It’s Week 5 if you’re counting from the first week of 2013–so your deposit would be $5.  If you’ve chosen to go in reverse, then your deposit would be $48.

Another idea on doing the 52 Week Savings Challenge would be to play it sort of like you would a game of Bingo.  Randomly pick an amount that you want to deposit and mark if off the list.  This would help in instances where the budget is a bit tight or if you’ve had an unexpected expense come up.


If you haven’t started the Savings Challenge just yet–no worries!  You can either start this week with an initial deposit of $15 {Weeks 1-5} or $250 {Weeks 52-48} or just start with Week 1 and finish the challenge this time next year.  As long as you’re saving, it’s progress!

Download your 52 Week Savings Challenge Record and Tracking Sheet here.




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