50% Off Vistaprint Magnets

by Kristina @ GettingFreedom on February 3, 2012

Vistaprint is offering their car door magnets today for 50% Off, with FREE Shipping! {That’s $4.99 for a small magnet (11.25” x 8.5”) or $9.99 for a large one (17.3” x 11.25”), including free shipping!}

There are so many things you can do with these car door magnets.

They are great for turning your child’s art into a puzzle they can put together over and over again on the fridge. Depending on their age, you can make the puzzle pieces as small or large as you want. This can be a great snow/rainy day boredom buster. Or, if your child is learning to build sentences in school, this is the perfect opportunity to help them at home. Just make a magnet of words they know {you’d be surprised how large their vocabularies are}, cut them out and your child will be having fun learning in no time. {You could also just get a blank one and let your child draw or practice writing using a dry erase marker}

Turn your child's artwork into a puzzle

Tired of everyone in your house asking you ‘What’s for dinner?’ You can easily solve that problem by displaying a menu on the fridge where everyone will see it. Just use a dry erase marker to write in your menu each day.

Create a menu that can be changed daily using a dry erase marker.

Does your family like to learn a new bible verse each day? Just use a dry erase marker to change your daily verse and your family will be learning God’s word in no time.

Write a daily devotion or bible verse using dry erase marker.

My fridge is usually covered from top to bottom with my children’s artwork or school papers. Instead of letting your child take over the outside of the fridge, give them their own magnet to display their awesome works. Use the magnet to hold their awesome schoolwork and beautiful masterpieces ~ making sure to change them out with new masterpieces every now and then.

Display your child's art and schoolwork using a large magnet just for them.


Create a magnet showing your child’s school schedule, you will always know what class your child has on what day. Leave the schedule part blank and use your trusty dry erase marker to write it in. Reuse it every year! Or, if your child’s school is like mine, the schedule is never the same each week. The special classes {library, art, music, etc.} rotate and are on different days each time. { Instead of a school schedule, this idea could also work for your child’s extra-curricular activites!}

Always know what class or activity your child has on what day. Great for extra-curricular schedules too.


The possibilities are endless. So hurry on over to Vistaprint today and create your magnet {or magnets} before it’s too late.

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