3 Tips to Pushing Through the Hard Times

by GettingFreedom on May 3, 2012

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I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words and comments after the last Finding Freedom Boot Camp post.  Choosing Debt was one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written–and I’ve written a few tough ones over the years.  The Beginning Posts immediately pop in my mind, as does Blessings in the Raindrops}.

Many of you have found yourselves in the same position we were in.

It’s tough.

But you need to remember one thing::  You can do this!

Through our debt freedom journey, we had many ups and downs.  There were some months where the debt just seemed to disappear and others where it never moved.  Unfortunately, it’s all part of it.

It’s kind of like losing weight.  It’s easy to get where you’re at–but not easy to get rid of it!

3 Tips to Pushing Through the Hard Times

Create an  Updated Monthly Cash Flow Plan

You might have found that the monthly cash flow plan you originally created is just too hard to stick to. or that things have changed. That is perfectly okay!  Go back and make adjustments and make it work for you.

Through all of this–do not forget that you have to have money for you, too.  It cannot all be about debt freedom, or you’ll burn yourself out.  Just be realistic with the amount of money you are able to treat yourself with.

You may be on the flip side, and you end up blowing too much money at the end of the month because it wasn’t properly delegated.  Don’t continue to make that mistake!  Go back over your financial goals and see if you should putting your money other places.

Re-Evaluate Your Financial Goals

Have your goals changed in the last 3 months?  Do you need to work harder to obtain your goals?  Eliminate some that would be better to work on at a later stage?  Really take a look at your goals and make sure that they are obtainable, otherwise you’ll end up defeated.  And that’s no place to be!

Oftentimes I’ve found that if I sit down and re-evaluate our financial goals {namely for the next 2-4 years}, I have more motivation to re-write our monthly cash flow plan.  The positive feeling I have after looking at my goals on paper makes it easier for me to stick to it, as well.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

This one is the most important! No matter what, do not lose focus!  Keep your eyes on your final goal of being debt free–and do what you can do!  As I said in the Choosing Debt post–Every situation is different and you never know how you’ll react until you’re in it.  Your journey is unique.  The financial guru’s may be telling you to do it all one way–but it might not work for you.  Don’t give up! Find what fits for you and your family, and go with it.  So long as you are getting closer to your final goal.

You may have to take a step back and take a small break from your debt freedom journey.  Maybe after a month of not being so strict will be enough for you to be ready to hit it hard core again.


I wanna know–How are you doing on getting to your goal?


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