2010 Goals Update

by GettingFreedom on February 18, 2010

It has been waaayyyy too long since I have checked on the progress of my 2010 Goals.  Life has been crazy busy around here, and I just haven’ t thought a whole lot about it.  But, it’s time!  The whole purpose of me setting these goals and posting about them, was so that I would be held accountable for them.

This is where we are so far this year:


  • We are still right on track to have our truck paid off in April, which will be a HUGE relief!  When I moved from blogger to WordPress, I lost my debt ticker–so here is our current debt status.   Our current debt is: $7522.74 which is down from OVER $36,000 in September of 2007! I still cannot believe the progress we’ve made without any additional income!
  • We’ve been able to set back a small amount for our first ever family vacation to Florida, just not has much as I had originally wanted to by this time.  I’m really not worried a whole lot about it, I know I can make up ground, somewhere.


  • Thanks to the first trimester sluggishness, and the cold that has plagued me since Blissdomthe kids have been more involved in the daily tasks. I still think they could help out more, but I’m impressed with their current willingness to help.
  • Get Rid of Clutter. Thanks to Amy’s Decluttering Challenge, I’m constantly working on this one.  Project Major Home Addition is also helping me along quite nicely.  Who wants a whole new home with a bunch of old clutter?? ;)

Gardening/Food Storage

  • EEEKKK!  It’s just about garden time, and I’ve barely given my seeds a thought! I’ve picked out the ones I want ( a lot less than last year!), now I just need to get them, and start them.
  • We ordered a quarter of a beef, and we should be getting it sometime next week. I’m super excited!
  • I‘m joining in on Once A Month Mom’s Cook Off in a few weeks.  I plan to keep some of those meals in the freezer for when baby gets here.

This is just our progress so far, to see the full list of 2010 Goals, go here.

How are you coming along on your goals?

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