10 Ways to Enjoy Your Snow Day

by GettingFreedom on January 31, 2011

I almost titled this “10 ways Not to Lose Your Mind on Snow Day“, and then I thought that with our current circumstances, maybe “10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Off of Ice Day” would be more appropriate.  Here in Southern Missouri, our weather can change in an instant.  Our 70° Saturday, and our current Blizzard Warning should be a great example of that! Unfortunately, where I am located in Missouri, our current forcast includes a lot of ice.  Give me snow, but keep the ice, please. ;)

If you find yourself staying home with a house of kids keep these ideas in mind to help maintain your sanity!

1.  Make Snow Ice Cream

2. Declare it a Pajama Day….

3.  And Watch Movies::

Even better, watch home movies!

4. Play Games::

 Our favorite Card Games:  Uno, Nertz, and Phase 10.  Board Games:  Blokus, Sorry, Kids Cranium

5. Make and Decorate Cookies.

Snowmen and Snowflakes–they don’t even require cookie cutters. :)

6. Go Sledding!

7. Make a SnowMan.

Better yet, a snowfamily–One for each family member.

8.  Make an Igloo.

The kids tried this a few years ago using an old plastic storage container I had.  They were able to get a few rows up before they gave up.

9. A family Snowball Fight! 

I have fond memories from my childhood of building big snow forts with my brother, then proceeding to bombard  him with snowballs!

10.  Enjoy these days, they are few and far between!


How do you keep your sanity?


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